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Author: Morgan Dietsch

Morgan Dietsch

CentriPipe MN DOT Stormwater

CentriPipe MN DOT Stormwater MN DOT recently conducted tests of a new pipe rehabilitation solution called centrifugally cast concrete pipe, also known as CCCP or

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LightRay LR3
Morgan Dietsch

200th LightRay LR3 System!

200th LightRay LR3 System! In less than two years since the launch, we have more than 200 LightRay LR3 units servicing customers across the United

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LED Curing for Laterals

LED Curing for Laterals. For more than 30 years, UV technology has been reliably used to cure pipes in mainline applications. The typical UV mainline

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Morgan Dietsch

Compatibility is NOT Compliance

Compatibility is NOT Compliance. Have you ever considered or heard of someone putting an aftermarket product on their automobile that was compatible, but voided their

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Morgan Dietsch

Section 179 Benefits

Section 179 Benefits. For many of us in business, It’s budget season. While planning for the coming year, it’s important to take stock in what

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