Launch Tanks

LMK Lateral Launch Tanks

The Lateral Launch Tank is designed for LMK’s lining through a clean out process. This tank can install CIPP liners from only one access point by inversion. Liners can be directed upstream or downstream and start and stop anywhere in the pipe.

The Lateral Launch Tank comes in 30″ and 36″ inch sizes.


LMK Soft Cleanout SHoes

The Soft Cleanout Shoes are used for inverting a liner through a cleanout. The Cleanout Shoes are 15 feet long.

This patented camera port is a one of a kind launch tank accessory that allows the installer to visually verify liner placement prior to curing. This proprietary camera port can also be used to facilitate remote steam cure. This invaluable piece of pipe lining equipment is the installer’s secret to success in the lateral lining business..

LMK Technologies has pioneered CIPP lateral renewal technology and has driven the industry forward with new products and technologies to facilitate sewer rehabilitation of sewers for 20 years. In its relatively small lifespan as a company, LMK has invested time and resources in research and development