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LED Curing for Laterals

LED Curing for Laterals. For more than 30 years, UV technology has been reliably used to cure pipes in mainline applications. The typical UV mainline system is powered by a three-phase generator and consisting of high intensity output bulbs in a series configuration such as a train or core.

These multi-gas bulbs produce a wave-length range of -350 nm (nanometers) optimized in the 365 to 395 nm spectrum. While this technology is great for larger diameters or thicker liners, it is not necessarily needed for small diameter laterals. Since a lateral liner is much thinner than your mainline thickness, you can explore a less powerful option to utilizing the curing benefits of UV technology. This is where LED has unbelievable potential. However, do not be so quick to go out and buy that shiny new system without doing your research…

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