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Mainline Connections & Laterals


renewing the connection between the mainline and lateral

Lateral seals are used to protect the area between the mainline and lateral sewer pipe from potential damage. A typical design incorporates either a brim style or complete wrap at any point where it connects with mainlines, depending on which technology you use for those connections; latest technologies allow the lining to continue the entirety of the lateral sewer pipe.

ASTM F-2561 is a driving industry factor in the standard practice for the reconstruction sewer service lateral pipe and its connection to the main pipe without excavation. This is done by using a resin impregnated one-piece main and lateral cured-in-place (CIPP) lining that is installed into the sewer pipe by means of inversion. Once cured, the trenchless sewer line replacement consists of a continuous, one-piece, tight-fitting, corrosion-resistant pipe that extends over a predetermined length of the sewer lateral pipe and provided a structural sealed connection to mainline liner.