Permacast Waterproofing Solutions

PERMACAST® Patch is a one-component, easy-to-use, fast-setting, shrinkage-compensated repair material that achieves 3000 psi strength in 3 hours.

PERMACAST® Plug is a rapid-set, hydraulic cement-based repair material that can be used for under water repair or to stop water seepage through concrete. It can be used in a wide variety of structures, either exterior/interior or above/below grade.

PERMACAST® Waterproof can be used above or below grade, resists positive and negative water pressure and is suitable for exterior or interior use. It can be brush or spray applied onto a damp substrate, has high bond strength and becomes an integral part of the substrate.

COR+GARD® Weeper Sealer is a thin liquid resin that reacts with water to form a closed cell, watertight foam or impermeable gel depending on the water to resin mix ratio. Cor+Gard® Weeper Sealer is used to seal actively leaking joints, cracks or other defects in below grade concrete structures. Material can be injected under pressure to curtain grout behind porous structures. It can also be used for soil stabilization.

COR+GARD® Gusher Stopper is a two-component, polyurethane foam used to fill voids and stop gushing leaks in below grade structures. This closed cell, hydro insensitive, high density structural foam can be used for compaction grouting of soil and for filling voids behind pipes, walls, manholes and other structures 


Fast setting shrinkage compensated repair material:

  • Strength of 3000 PSI achieved in three hours
  • Easy to use, one component
    Early and high compressive strength
  • Compatible modulus to concrete substrate


Under water repair or to stop water seepage through concrete:

  • Rapid set, Rapid strength gain
  • Hydraulic cement based repair material
  • Exterior/interior use, above/below grade
  • Can be used with a wide variety of structures


Above or below grade waterproofing:

  • Resists positive and negative water pressure
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use, above and below ground level
  • Water vapor permeable
  • High bond strength, becomes integral part of the substrate
  • Brush or spray application onto a damp substrate
  • Equipment cleaned simply with water