Lateral T-Liner Shorty


The T-Liner® Shorty™ system is a one-piece, structural, stand-alone homogeneous main-to-lateral CIPP connection liner that extends 3-10 feet up into the lateral pipe. Shorty™ was designed for municipalities that want the connection sealed and the most value without the cost or legal issues associated with installing a cleanout. Shorty™ is the trenchless, one-piece, main-to-lateral CIPP solution that utilizes gasket sealing technology and all of the other unique features as found in a standard T-Liner® including vacuum impregnation, inversion installation, full-circle mainliner construction, lateral identification, and a long-term sealed impervious coating. It’s all without the need for an outside cleanout.

LMK Technologies has pioneered CIPP lateral renewal technology and has driven the industry forward with new products and technologies to facilitate sewer rehabilitation of sewers for 20 years. In its relatively small lifespan as a company, LMK has invested time and resources in research and development