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What it means to be a certified installer

Technician Experience

Waterline Renewal Technicians and trainers are the best in this industry, with critical experience to set you on your path. Our technicians have tackled some of largest projects ever attempted by an individual or company; from residential structures all the way up through class A high rise buildings for both commercial, industrial and nuclear buildings.


Training & Certification

Waterline Renewal offers 24/7 support to answer all your questions or help troubleshoot a project. Every equipment purchase includes onsite training, continuous technical courses at our Road Shows and we offer additional onsite technical support on individual projects as well.


Business in a Box

Waterline Renewal understands the importance of marketing to end-users and has created a “business in a box” program for contractors. The company is committed to helping you take your business, no matter what stage it’s at right now, to the next level.