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The LightRay LRM system offers a cutting-edge solution for mainline spot repair, combining traditional methods with advanced LightRay technology. It uses a large diameter LR3 packer with a proprietary adapter, fitting through manholes for repairs up to 9 feet. Operators enjoy complete control without resin kicking off prematurely, with rapid casting in as little as 15 minutes. LightRay eliminates the need for hazardous materials, on-site mixing, and refrigeration, providing ready-to-install liners. Featuring flexible fiberglass liners and non-thermal UV casting resin activated by specific light wavelengths, LightRay ensures quick, consistent repairs regardless of temperature or water presence, making it an efficient and reliable choice for mainline spot repairs.

lightray lrm = Better than all the rest

The LightRay LRM system is the best solution for mainline spot repair due to its innovative combination of traditional methods and advanced LightRay technology. It ensures flexibility and efficiency with its large diameter LR3 packer and proprietary adapter, allowing for seamless repairs up to 9 feet through manholes. Operators benefit from complete control without the stress of premature resin activation, and the system’s rapid casting ability minimizes downtime. By eliminating hazardous materials, on-site mixing, and refrigeration, and providing ready-to-install liners, LightRay offers unparalleled convenience and consistency. Its flexible fiberglass liners and non-thermal UV casting resin guarantee quick, reliable repairs in any environment, making it the superior choice for mainline spot repair.

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Perfect Cast in minutes

LightRay LRM System: Your Go-To for Mainline Spot Repair

The LightRay LRM system is your ultimate solution for mainline spot repair, offering the benefits of traditional spot repair systems combined with advanced LightRay technology. Here’s what makes the LRM stand out:

Versatile and Flexible

The LRM uses the same large diameter LR3 packer with a proprietary adapter, flexible enough to fit through a manhole and repair lengths up to 9 feet.

Complete Control

Operators have complete control over the casting process without worrying about resin kicking off before positioning the packer is complete.

Rapid Casting

The system does not create excess heat and can cast the liner in place in as little as 15 minutes, depending on the diameter.

Benefits of LightRay Technology

LightRay technology alleviates the stress associated with lining by offering rapid deployment capabilities:

  • No Hazardous Materials: No need to carry hazardous materials in your truck or trailer.
  • Ready-to-Install Liners: LightRay liners arrive ready to install, eliminating the need for on-site measuring and mixing.
  • No Refrigeration Required: This reduces the variability from mixing resin and preparing liners in the field, and removes the need for extra equipment.

All LightRay technology features flexible fiberglass liners coupled with a non-thermal UV casting resin that activates only when exposed to the specific light wavelength of the LightRay packer.

mainline spot repairs

benefits of lrm

Consistent Performance

LightRay ensures a quick and consistent repair every time, regardless of the working environment’s temperature or the presence of water. Choose LightRay for a reliable and efficient mainline spot repair solution. No complex parts or computer regulated movement
  • The control box, reel, and power supply are cross compatible with the LRS system
  • The LRM can perform spot repairs up to 9 feet long in mainline pipes of 8, 10, and 12 inches
  • Our proprietary packer is designed to also work with the LR3 system
  • All liners arrive ready to install and can be stored for up to 6 months
  • All systems sold come with a 1-year limited warranty and training included