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200th LightRay LR3 System!

200th LightRay LR3 System! In less than two years since the launch, we have more than 200 LightRay LR3 units servicing customers across the United States! This would not have been possible without our loyal customer base and the feedback we’ve received. Together we were able to make an outstanding product that is simple and delivers on its promises.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get yours yet though, we produce multiple units per week right here in the USA.  We have LR3 units in stock and available to ship in addition to many packers.  Take the opportunity now to level up your business in the new year and take advantage of Section 179 benefits by calling to secure your new LR3 or additional packers today.

Waterline Renewal Technologies wanted to make the 200th LightRay LR3 System a special occasion. Due to the success of the LR3, through the end of the year we have put together a promotional package. What’s included:

  • (1) State of the art LightRay LR3 UV C.I.P.P. Base Unit
  • (1) 10ft packer (any diameter available)
  • (1) Quik-Coating system


Let’s talk about why this is such a potent combination for your business. How often do you find yourself repairing a drain, vent, or waste pipe but along the way find a void that is too large to use an AIPPR (applied in place pipe repair) solution?

The Quik-Coating system is a great AIPPR, Applied in Place Pipe Repair, product for non-structural repairs in drain, waste, vent pipe (DWV) applications but a major limitation is gaps and voids over ¼” in length. This is where the LR3 comes in.  The LR3 can be used to do a small patch repair on this void and then the Quik-Coat can continue the work to spray coat the pipe.  The LR3 has many advantages but one of the largest is low casting times.  A 6” pipe takes 15 minutes and the smaller diameters require less time.

Take this opportunity to “see the light” and become the next owner of the LightRay LR3!