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sewer inspections

There are typically four steps to a successful CIPP project: inspect the line, clean the line, assess, then repair.
Updated and new technology for sewer inspections – crawler robots – are used to inspect these infrastructures, both before and after the project is complete. These underground cameras are necessary because municipalities, homeowners, business owners, or private utilities need to know what is going on before using the CIPP method to repair.

Throughout the last decade, the wastewater infrastructure and sewer inspection industry has seen a rise in the array of camera technologies: full-color, panoramic systems, LED lighting, underground mapping, and more. These advancements are giving the owners a much better idea as to what is going on in the underground infrastructure.
Given that the wastewater infrastructure technology has evolved through the years, durability has done so as well.

All of these changes and modifications have been driven by industry demand. There are more products available in the market that offer a wider variety for contractors and owners. These changes and offerings have allowed smaller municipalities to acquire systems that meet their needs to complete work in-house.
Sewer Inspections are so important when it comes to repairing lines. Given the advancements in camera technology, there have also been comparable changes and upgrades to the software.

The software provides functions that save time for the operators and improve the quality of the data collected; this means more user-friendly software.

The software allows the operator to view additional infrastructure details that can be included in the inspection videos and reports. Ten years ago, people reviewing the inspections would have needed to pull reports and videos from multiple storage directories and devices manually, but thanks to advancements in technology, the reports are more thorough, accurate, and are easier to pull.

In light of North America’s aging and failing infrastructure, many agree there is still plenty of room for technology growth. The sewer inspection industry has been relatively slow in adopting new technologies. However, there has been rapid development in recent years due to the increased demand for sewer inspections.