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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIPP?

2021 marks the 50th anniversary — the birth of the first cured-in-place process for sewer rehab, simply known as CIPP. The CIPP pioneer, Eric Wood, impregnated a felt tube with polyester resin, wrapped it in a plastic sheet, dragged it 230 ft into the 12-in., egg-shaped, brick sewer and inflated it with air. Then left it to cure.

A pipe was given a new life for at least the next 50-plus years.

The 2021 trenchless market reaches into the billions, with more work on sewers lines needed every day as they continue to age and decay. Diameters and lengths are the largest and longest they have ever been, with diameters exceeding more than 120 in. in some projects. Technology and research continue to hum along.

How much experience does Waterline Renewal Technologies have in the infrastructure rehabilitation market?

The Waterline Renewal Technologies team has 85 years of combined experience in the underground rehabilitation sector. 

What makes the Waterline Renewal Technologies family of brands different?

Waterline Renewal Technologies is a leading provider of engineered products used in the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater/stormwater infrastructure for municipal, commercial, industrial and residential applications and provides a unique portfolio of products and services through its brands APM, LMK Technologies, Perma-Liner Industries,  LightRay, and Pipe Lining Supply.