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Compatibility is NOT Compliance

Compatibility is NOT Compliance.

Have you ever considered or heard of someone putting an aftermarket product on their automobile that was compatible, but voided their factory warranty on the replaced part? Don’t risk the expensive penalties or needing to dig and replace by using a non-compliant CIPP solution. Liners and resins are NOT certified independently, they are certified as a system that meets mechanical and chemical requirements through 10,000 hours of required testing. This system carries the original manufacturer warranty and representations when installed according to the guidelines noted in technical data literature.

Has your Liner and Resin system been put to the test? Although a liner may look cured and/or similar to a competitors product, will it meet the stringent chemical compatibility requirements for specific areas of the country like LA county or the strength requirements of ASTM F1216? Your chosen manufacturer or distributor should be able to provide proof that they have certified their liner and resin systems together (not independently) through a robust qualification protocol like LA County…or you may find your project going down the drain.

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