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  • For use in sanitary & storm culverts — concrete, clay, metal or brick
  • Provides waterproofing, sealing, structural reinforcement & corrosion protection
  • Cures in place within hours for a quick return to service
  • Trenchless installation — no backhoes, repaving, traffic detours, flooding or hazardous construction
  • Provides significant savings compared to dig-and-replace

how it works

  1. An engineer inspects the pipe & determines how thick the CentriPipe® concrete inside the pipe should be.
  2. Flow through the pipe is stopped or diverted so gravel, mud, roots & debris can be removed.
  3. The interior is thoroughly cleaned by CentriPipe’s high-pressure spin washer.
  4. If necessary, APM’s self-consolidating PL-12,000 mortar is applied to seal cracks & leaks in the pipe.
  5. CentriPipe’s high-speed SpinCaster™ is used to centrifugally cast APM’s PL-8,000 concrete evenly around the interior
    of the pipe.

The unique CentriPipe system provides waterproofing, sealing, structural reinforcement and corrosion protection for sanitary and storm culverts--without trenching, at significant savings.

  • PL-8000 can be applied to concrete, clay, metal and brick culverts, and cures in place within hours for a quick return to service.
  • The CentriPipe culvert, storm and sanitary sewer pipe replacement system uses the same time-tested materials and technology AP/M Permaform successful pioneered and has used for manhole repair since 1985.
  • ASTM International has established the standards for manhole lining and will soon have a standard for CCCP: centrifugally-cast concrete pipe. 

AP/M’s centrifugally cast concrete pipe system for the structural renewal of culverts and sanitary sewer pipe –without backhoes, repaving, traffic detours, flooding or hazardous construction.

Let’s face it: corrugated metal, with its propensity to rust and buckle, was not meant to last forever. 20 to 30 years is its designed life.

Your replacement options include digging and its unavoidable disruption, sliplining with its reduced capacity, or expensive cured-in-place liners. But without digging, without liners, without reduction of capacity, and at significant savings, CentriPipe creates a new, structurally sound concrete pipe inside the old one.

This new pipe is 100% environmentally sound, waterproof, fully sealed from end to end. And it provides highly effective corrosion protection that can double the life of the pipe.

How Centripipe Works

The CentriPipe system has been designed for corrosion protection and complete structural renewal of storm and sanitary sewer pipe between 30″ to 120″ in diameter.

The process begins with an engineer inspecting the pipe to be remediated. Based on the depth and size of the pipe, depth of the local water table, water load and other factors, the owner’s engineer determines how thick the CentriPipe concrete inside the pipe should be. CentriPipe applicators will submit a design based on PL-8000, signed and stamped by a third-party engineer familiar with the site conditions and material properties.

Preparation then begins. Flow through the pipe is stopped or diverted in order for gravel,mud, roots and debris to be removed.

After this, the interior is thoroughly scoured by CentriPipe’s high pressure spin washer. In some cases, buckling, leaks and inverts will have occurred in the existing pipe, requiring repair prior to spin casting. AP/M’s self-consolidating PL-12,000 mortar is pumped into the damaged inverts. This permanently seals the bottom of the pipe, fills inverts and makes a new structural base to keep water from leaking in or out, a necessary step many methods can’t address.

PL-12,000 leaves a new pipe floor that may be flat or contoured to the radius to enable flows. Then, CentriPipe’s high-speed spin caster is placed in the center of the pipe at its far end.

As the AP/M’s PL-8000 concrete is centrifugally cast evenly around the interior of the pipe, the application head is retracted by a computer-controlled motor at the properly calculated speed to insure an even thickness predetermined by the engineer. Note that the spin caster can be started and stopped as needed without joints or gaps The only thing left behind is seamless, high strength, fully structural pipe.