Crystal-X Waterproofing

A complementary line of CONSHIELD® compatible waterproofing products, ensures the highest quality and most comprehensive concrete protection available for existing and new installation concrete projects.


A liquid concrete additive designed to make new cementitious installations permanently watertight. Crystal-X®AdMix forms millions of fine crystalline fibers inside the capillary pores and micro-cracks while concrete cures and hardens to reduce the pore diameter and block the flow of water through the capillary voids.


A dry powder used to create a cementitious slurry for waterproofing the exterior surface of existing concrete and masonry above and below grade.


A specially engineered fast setting, non-shrink, strong, waterproofing cementitious material, for concrete repair and waterproofing of concrete.


A liquid surface material which deeply penetrates concrete and mortar surfaces to waterproof, densify, harden and dustproof concrete and Portland Cement based material surfaces. Crystal-X® WSH may be used with all of the above Crystal-X® Waterproofing Solutions.

Use Cases: