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January 28, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

We wanted to make you aware of a substantial change to IPC 2021 that will affect ASTM standards in addition to all other applicable CIPP standards.

  • IPC 2021 now mandates that all CIPP projects, including straight laterals, will require hydrophilic seals and/or o-rings to remain compliant with this new code.
  • Perma-Liner Industries remains a provider of hydrophilic end seals and O-rings that allow you to meet this new standard and will remain a constant source of supply.
  • We are a stocking distributor of Insignia hydrophilic End Seals in diameters from 6” up to 54” and Insignia O-Rings in 3” to 6” diameters.
  • The entire Insignia product line can be purchased through our Inside Sales team at orders@perma-liner.com or (866) 336-2568.  For your convenience, PLI has distribution facilities located in IL, FL, DE, CA, WA and NH with stock available for purchase.

Special Notes

  • These products are not for resale without written authorization.  These products cannot be used in main-to-lateral connections unless you are a licensed PLI installer.
  • If you are interested in becoming a PLI Installer, please contact us at the email or phone number listed above.