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Insignia™ CIPP End Seal Sleeve

The Insignia™ End Seal Sleeve is a seamlessly molded end seal that provides a large sealing surface guaranteeing a uniform water-tight seal. The sleeve provides the following advantages over other less precise hydrophilic sealing systems.

  • 360 Degree Swelling Gasket The Insignia™ End Seal Sleeve is a seamless molded seal with no joints or weak points preventing any damage or inefficient sealing of the annular space between the liner and the host pipe.
  • Retaining Rings The Insignia™ End Seal Sleeve includes a retaining ring that is placed on the leading end of the liner. This ring holds the end seal in place and ensures no movement is allowed during CIPP rehabilitation.
  • Significant Surface Area The gasket allows for more swelling than less precise methods of sealing such as hydrophilic tape. The end seal is able to absorb more water and seal the annular space efficiently because of its larger surface area.
  • Compatible With Multiple Types of CIPP The Insignia™ End Seal Sleeve is a versatile hydrophilic sealing system compatible with all types of CIPP liners, including inversion and pull-in-place liners. The End Seal Sleeve will swell in the presence of water regardless on the type of host pipe.
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