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Insignia™ Compression Seal O-Rings

Insignia™ O-rings can be attached to a liner that is inverted into the pipeline to provide a compression seal at the termination points of the liner. This procedure remotely positions the O-rings between the host pipe and the liner tube or between a cured liner and a new liner (cold joint), sealing any annular space and providing a long-term flexible seal. Insignia™ O-rings can be utilized for upper end of lateral liners, a lateral liner overlapping a connection seal and each end of sectional liners.

Installation Procedure

The frangible O-rings are attached on the inside of the liner at any termination point. The liner is resin-saturated, loaded into the launching device and then positioned at the point of repair. Air pressure is applied and the liner begins to invert embedding the O-rings between the liner and host pipe. The liner is allowed to cure and within 24 hours the swelling process creates a proven, flexible, long-term and water-tight seal.

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