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Perma‐Liner Industries Broadens Offerings to Include New Extreme Cold 4:1 Resin

Leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials launches extreme cold 4:1 resin beginning September 2021, enhancing its all‐inclusive customer service experience

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Il., September 10, 2021 – Waterline Renewal Technologies, a portfolio company of Behrman Capital, announces Perma‐Liner Industries now offers an extreme cold 4:1 resin that provides its customers with a lower viscosity product when used in colder temperatures and more stability during transportation. The new 4:1 mixture is a styrene‐free epoxy resin used for mainlines, laterals, and verticals in extremely cold conditions.

The Perma‐Liner Industries Clearwater headquarters and all distribution centers will stock and supply the new extreme cold 4:1 resin to its customers in North America. The resin will come in 40‐pound buckets consisting of A resin and B hardener sold separately. Additional product features include 15‐minute pot life, 30‐minute work time in 50 degrees to below 30 degrees, cure times ranging from 1.5 to 4 hours, and meets and exceeds ASTM F1216 standards.

“The addition of the 4:1 extreme cold resin now rounds out our resin portfolio, providing our customers one‐stop for all their trenchless needs,” states Chris Duda, vice president of sales and marketing for Waterline Renewal Technologies. “The extreme cold 4:1 resin is just one of many ways we are providing trenchless solutions for our customers and helping them to grow their business.”

Perma‐Liner Industries offers 12 different resins for all types of rehabilitation projects that are eco‐friendly, compatible with its products and provides minimal shrinkage for maximum adherence to the host pipe. The resin portfolio consists of 100% solids epoxy resins that are used for standard lateral lining in ambient and heat‐assist options, CIPP industry‐standard resins, and specialty resins for specialized projects in industrial and environmentally sensitive regions.
Waterline Renewal Technologies and its portfolio of brands is a leading provider of engineered products used in trenchless repair and rehabilitation of wastewater/stormwater infrastructure for municipal, commercial/industrial and residential applications, and provides a diverse range of products and