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Water Challenges

From consumption to disposal, quality to supply, water presents both challenges and boundless opportunities

Water is a critical, but strained resource.

Water is essential to everyday life. All the water on the planet is being constantly recycled and re-used. It cannot be created or destroyed, and while demand has skyrocketed, the total supply on our planet is fixed and remains the same despite varying regional shortages. Water and wastewater infrastructure is almost universally outdated, leaking and in dire need of repair. Solutions for replenishing supply, recycle/re-use and improving water quality are available, but the market is highly fragmented and consistently undercapitalized.

All of these factors present problems, but also significant opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and customers. That said, the challenge of the water industry can essentially be distilled into two broad groups:

1. Getting water to where it is needed, when it is needed
2. Getting the right quality of water to satisfy the specific demand

Water drop close up view isolated on white background.