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Vinyl Hybrid Resin

No –STYRENE, NO VOC’s & Hybrid VE resin with High-rigid polymer backbone


  • Environmentally FRIENDLY SNAP cure, vinyl hybrid resin
  • Excellent catalyzed stability
  • No styrene
  • Resistance to sag and draining around vertical surface and reinforcement.

Typical Cast Mechanical Properties

Test Unit of Measure Nominal Test Method
Tensile Strength psi 9,500 ASTM  D 638
Tensile Modulus kpsi 490 ASTM D 638
Tensile Elongation % 2.3 ASTM D 638
Flexural Strength psi 18,100 ASTM D 790
Flexural Modulus kpsi 560 ASTM D 790
Heat Distortion Temp °C/°F 150/302 ASTM D648
Specific Gravity 1.2 ASTM D 2583
Barcol Hardness Model 934-1 HB 46 ASTM D 2583
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