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Crystal-X AdMix

Liquid Crystalline Waterproofing Additive for Concrete

by CONmicSHIELD Technologies

Water is concrete’s relentless foe.

Whether it’s by rain, flooding, waves, rivers, groundwater, or any of a hundred other forms, water is always attacking, trying to work its way into concrete’s tiny cracks and pores. And once it gets in, destructive processes can tear down even large, well-built concrete structures.


  • Protects reinforcement
  • Easy to use
  • Liquid, not powder – NO clumping
  • Does not require premixing
  • A unique liquid waterproofing additive for concrete
  • Consists of a water based suspension of inorganic waterproofing agents
  • Can be added to concrete during the batching process or in a ready-mix truck with full mixing capabilities
  • Unlike powder additives, there is no risk of clumping
  • Makes concrete denser and enhances many of the concrete’s properties. 

Crystal-X® AdMix will enhance the concrete freeze/thaw resistance when used in properly designed concrete with air entrainment.


Working Principal

  • While concrete cures and hardens, Crystal-X® AdMix forms millions of fine crystalline fibers inside the capillary pores and micro-cracks
  • Crystalline fibers achieved during reaction with cement components considerably reduces the pore diameter, thus blocking the flow of water through the capillary voids of concrete while still allowing water vapors to escape.
  • Treated concrete is permanently watertight

Typical Applications

Any concrete mix requiring waterproofing (water impermeable) capabilities:

  • Tunnels and subway systems
  • Foundations
  • Precast structures
  • Parking structures
  • Reservoirs
  • Sewage and water treatment plants
  • Swimming
  • Underground


  • Not a dry powder - easier and safer to mix; homogenous - no fear of clumping
  • May increase concrete strength
  • Resists extreme hydrostatic pressure, positive (active) or negative (passive) water pressure side
  • Can seal hairline cracks up to 1/64” (0.4 mm)
  • Becomes an integral part of the concrete
  • Not a vapor barrier - allows concrete to breathe
  • Maximum water/cement ratio of concrete should not exceed: 0.55
  • Negligible interference with water reducers and plasticizers
  • Negligible effect on slump
  • Negligible influence on air entrainment
  • Non toxic
  • Permanent
  • Less costly than most other methods
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