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Waterline Renewal Technologies, through its brands APM, LMK Technologies, LightRay and Perma-Liner Industries, is a leading provider of engineered products used in the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater infrastructure for municipal, commercial, industrial and residential applications and offers a unique portfolio of products and services.

Through the core brands – APM, LMK Technologies, LightRay and Perma-Liner Industries – Waterline Renewal Technologies aims to revolutionize the wastewater industry. The brands’ experience in designing, patenting and manufacturing trenchless technologies continues to rise while producing products that are cost-effective solutions to rehabilitating, without excavation, existing underground infrastructure and pipelines.

Our Purpose

Our focus is on products, technologies and services in the trenchless rehabilitation industry. We believe in the power of differentiated products and technologies, supplied through multiple distribution channels. Our focus areas comprise a significant market and represents large growth opportunities as a means to build scale.

Our Vision

We provide trenchless rehabilitation of degraded infrastructure through differentiated products, technologies and services, to prevent inflow and infiltration of sewer systems and potable water pipelines.

The Opportunity

The U.S. population has increased by nearly 50% in the last 30 years, while spending on water-related infrastructure has largely remained the same over that period. The EPA estimates that at least $1 trillion needs to be spent on wastewater and drinking water infrastructure over the next 25 years.

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