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Industry Use of CONmicSHIELD

New Concrete Pipe And Manholes

Concrete pipe is used more often than any other type of product in city sewer systems. CONmicSHIELD® keeps it from corroding for just a fraction of the cost of plastic liners or coatings. There is no special fabricating, welding or testing required at the plant or in the field with CONmicSHIELD® since it is precisely metered into the mix at the plant.


Pipelines and tunnels that have already suffered from corrosion can be rehabilitated in place. CONmicSHIELD® is easily added to the mix water for both dry and wet shotcrete hand-spraying. CONmicSHIELD® is also incorporated into special mixes for centrifugally lining corroded pipe interiors for structural reinforcement and protection in one application. See Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe (CCCP) at

Poured-in-Place Structures

CONmicSHIELD® is an excellent choice for both new and rebuilt wet wells, lift stations, WWTP head works, clarifiers and similar concrete structures subjected to highly concentrated sulfide conditions. Metered into the mix at the ready-mix plant, CONmicSHIELD® is delivered as an integral part of the concrete when it is delivered to the job site. No spark testing, welding or adhesion tests are needed.


CONmicSHIELD® has performed successfully since its introduction in 1996 for the rehabilitation of heavily corroded manholes. ConShield® inhibits bacterial growth while calcium aluminate cements can only slow the corrosion process. CONmicSHIELD® is far less expensive than coatings and ConShield® will not delaminate, pinhole, peel or wash off. Structural reinforcement and corrosion protection is complete in one application.

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