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CONmicSHIELD Is Proven Technology

You never run out of protection!

Unlike coatings and plastic liners, CONmicSHIELD® cannot chip, peel, delaminate, pinhole or wash off since it molecularly bonds throughout the entire thickness, continually inhibiting growth for sustained protection

Durable - Economical - Effective

  • CONmicSHIELD® Is a proven technology for the economical and effective long term prevention of bacterial corrosion of concrete in highly corrosive (MIC) sanitary sewer environments.
  • CONmicSHIELD® Is used in new concrete pipe and manholes by precasters; in wet wells, clarifiers and similar cast-in-place structures by ready-mix producers and in repair mortars by certified contractors.
  • CONmicSHIELD® Is a liquid additive precisely dosed during the mixing phase to perform consistently, economically and effectively in each specific mix design by certified precasters, ready mix producers and shotcrete contractors. Other design properties are unaffected by adding CONmicSHIELD.

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