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AP/M Permaform History

Corporate History

When microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) was recognized as the primary cause of sanitary sewer corrosion, AP/M started searching for the best product/method to provide the most reliable and cost effective protection. While coatings have been the most frequent industry choice, tests at Los Angeles County demonstrated that inadequate preparation of the existing surface and/or the improper application were the reasons for coatings to fail. In 1996, AP/M developed an antibacterial admixture called CONmicSHIELD®. When added to mortar and concrete, this remarkable admixture molecularly bonds to the concrete mix and prevents the colonization of T. bacteria. Without bacteria to metabolize the ever-present hydrogen sulfide gases in the sewer system, microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) is thereby permanently prevented.

Adapting its vertical centrifugally cast techniques and material to horizontal applications, AP/M introduced its CentriPipe® System for structurally deficient storm sewer pipe; and, because AP/M’s specialty grouts used CONmicSHIELD® concrete sanitary pipe were also able to be protected against corrosion.

AP/M is a leader in trenchless solutions. It remains committed to developing the best products applied precisely through a high quality network of regional contractors. AP/M and its network of licensed applicators believe “consistently high quality is the best guarantee for customer satisfaction”.

Action Products Marketing Corp. (AP/M) began rehabilitating manholes in 1985 with its patented PERMAFORM® system for replacement of manholes without digging and without interrupting flows based on its earlier technology patented in 1976 for pouring new manholes in place. Its own crews were sent throughout the US to perform this unique solution. As cities realized that lining sewer pipes without sealing their manholes only transferred the problem rather than eliminating it, manhole rehabilitation received the attention it deserved and work exceeded the ability of AP/M to satisfy this expanding market with its own crews.

AP/M believes that successful rehabilitation requires quality products coupled with quality workmanship. The only way to accomplish this was to find contractors to perform to the same high standards that AP/M set for itself … to train and to license local installers in its unique technologies. AP/M set about to train and to certify more than forty regional applicators throughout the US and the World.

Recognizing that not all manholes need complete replacement, AP/M developed its high strength, centrifugally spun PERMACAST® system to seal and reinforce damaged structures. Its unique delivery equipment enables uniform thickness control and very dense compaction without the need for hazardous confined space entry. Quality is assured with pre-measured factory mixes for guaranteed consistency in the field.

Since 1975

Since 1975, AP/M has been the industry leader in manhole renewal. It remains committed to developing the best products for the manhole renewal industry applied consistently through the best regional contractors available. AP/M and its network of licensed applicators believe “consistently high quality is the best guarantee for customer satisfaction.


To provide technology, equipment and material worldwide for renewing manholes and similar underground structures to a consistently high quality in a safe and profitable manner to guarantee customer satisfaction through a closely associated network of highly competent applicators

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