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How to Become a Municipal Certified Technician for Trenchless Rehabilitation

Why Become an Applicator?

We offer a toolbox full of very good reasons and tips for why you should choose AP/M PERMAFORM®.

  1. APM technology has been proven in the field for 20+ years from Honolulu to Boston…Singapore to Tel Aviv and all 50 states. More than one million manholes have been renewed and more than five miles of CentriPipe® has been installed worldwide.

  2. APM offers more products and services than any other producer. Customers can select the best method and product for any particular trenchless rehabilitation situation from waterproofing to the structural lining or complete NO-DIG replacement. APM certified applicators are the only ones with a complete TOOL BOX.

  3. Unique products and trenchless technologies are not available to non-licensed applicators.

  4.   • PERMACAST® - manhole renewal with structural cement liner
      • CentriPipe® - centrifugally cast concrete pipe lining
      • COR+GARD® - 100% solids epoxy coatings
      • CONmicSHIELD® - corrosion protection admixture against MIC
      • Crystal-X™ – internal crystalline waterproofing membrane

  5. The PERMACAST® delivery system is for precision placement, ease of application and greater production. In-hole work is minimized; production is doubled; owner is confident that the cement based liner is uniformly applied and thoroughly compacted.

  6. The CentriPipe® bi-directional spincaster applies material at the best design thickness calculated for the diameter, depth and conditions of the existing corrugated metal pipe. The new liner provides a cost-effective, long-lasting, completely structural solution, independent of the original pipe, with a smooth, watertight finish and improved flow capacities.

  7. COR+GARD® is a series of specially formulated coatings that provide chemical protection, ease of application which are highly resistant to a wide range of acids and temperatures.

  8. CONmicSHIELD® "bio-tech armor" for concrete” prevents the colonization and growth of acid-producing bacteria on concrete in sanitary sewers. It can be added to concrete at the precast plant, at the ready-mix plant or on the job site. As an integral part of the concrete, it cannot wash off, pinhole, nor delaminate. No field touch-ups or testing is required.

  9. Crystal-X™ is a line of ConShield-compatible solutions leveraging technology engineered to form millions of fine crystalline fibers inside capillary pores and micro-cracks while concrete and mortars cure and harden – providing economical and effective waterproofing protection of new and existing concrete sewer pipe and manholes as well as dams, reservoirs, bridge decks, foundations, sewage and water treatment plants, tunnels, subway systems, and virtually any other concrete structure where water damage may occur.

  10. Municipal Certified Technician territories are available.

  11. APM continually develops new products and systems to improve its licensee's profit and production.

  12. Technical assistance is available 24/7 by phone and anytime on-site as requested.

  13. Local and national sales and marketing support.

It is a great opportunity to become part of a global network of professional contractors recognized worldwide as leaders in trenchless technology solutions.

Contact us today for more details on how to become a Municipal Certified Technician for trenchless rehabilitation.

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