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LMK Mainline Pipe Rehabilitation Products

In days past, mainline products for technicians may have included such things as backhoes and bandanas to tie around your nose. Big, deep trenches in the front yard and horrible odor were the norm. But we've come a long way. Now, mainline equipment consists of lateral liners, robots, and inverters. The connection liner that is fed into the damaged pipe is coated with a resin that only contacts the old pipe and migrates into the fractures helping to seal it further. No trenches, backhoes and no foul odors for the neighborhood to smell.

Mainline rehabilitation services offer an easy, effective, environmentally friendly way to repair pipe damage without the mess. The LMT Saddle connects the lateral sewer service pipe to the liner in the rehabbed mainline. LMK Adhesive bonds the saddle to the liner for a watertight seal. If you're a contractor or sewer replacement tech, check out the mainline products in stock now!

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